What You Need To Know About SEO Tactics?

There is nothing hidden about the recent Google’s Penguin & Panda algorithm updates towards the search engine results, which highly affect many websites ranking in the search engines, and some have seen complete blackout from the search engines after the roll out of several Google Panda updates in the real search engine data. As being in the internet industry, we are all aware of these algorithm updates, and their effects on our online business. Majority of web masters are now fears from these algorithm updates, and very actively trying new strategies to evade any kind of penalization by Google, as a single penalization attack can ruin the whole website ranking in seconds.

However, after the roll out of new search engine results improving algorithms in the real data, many of us believes that Google has killed the SEO at all and now has a focus on new metrics to rank the websites in the results. However, that’s not true! SEO is still here, but Google has changed the way of SEO tactics, as large number of old tricks are now not valid in the search engine game, and one have to be very careful before start playing with the search engines. There are now many metrics to test the website authority and legitimacy before ranking good in the search engine results, and these additional processes have increased the time of SEO.

So, here arise an important question of what type of SEO tactics and techniques we adopt after Google panda and penguin to improve the rankings of our website or blog?

SEO still relies on the back links to your website or a web page to be ranked better in the search engine, but still it is not the only one factor behind good search engine rankings. Google still depends on the back links, and link analysis to know about the relevancy of the website and its inner pages, but now the process is a bit change, as Google has now some evil mind bots too in their team to testify the content and every single link that is coming to websites. Link building still plays an important role, but a single mistake in link building can now alert Google about your tactics, and get you blacklisted easily in the search engines.

Many web masters are now actually worried about their in-coming links as Google has recently start countering the websites who have links from bad neighbors or try to manipulate the search engine rankings with anchor texts to gain search engine market to appear on the top search results. However, the web masters still sees their selves in danger with new Google Penguin updates, and want some solid tips to be safe with these new Google Penguin updates.

Many have suggested to re-focus on their link building strategies to easily evade from the Google Penguin updates, and almost every one of us are now working very deeply to bug out our link building strategies. But still majority of beginners and non-SEO guys with good content on the internet are in trouble, and not aware of some tips which can save their wonder from being getting hit by Google Penguin. So, there are few tips that can help you in evading Google Penguin penalization.

SEO Tactics and Strategies to adopt after Google Panda and Penguin

Be Natural

Once you enter in the link building industry, you will be greeted by many quick services and offers by SEO companies who promise to get you on the top of search lists with their exclusive super-fast services for you. Before you go to accept any of this service, let me tell you, there is no shortcut in clean SEO (means SEO without any penalization from search engine.) You have to work hard and clever to survive in the market. However, by the term “be natural” – I mean to say, you should focus on your link building campaigns, and give proper value to both no-follow & do-follow links. Many beginners believe do-follow link backs are the only way to get yourself in the top of search result (indeed truth), but it’s not true. If you only make do-follow links to your websites, the search engine bots can easily track you and list you as link hungry (In other words, ready to be kicked from search engine). You should make no-follows links too to your website, as it gives you authority in the search engine’s view. It shows you are not hungry for the do-follow links to rank higher, and doesn’t gives value to back links. (It’s kind of emotional attack on search engine bots, and yes it works very well!)

Don’t Overload Everything

You may have read that Google is now more actively watching your links, and penalizing your website on over SEO, so here is the point which let Google to penalize your website. Many of us just works on the factor that more back links to website can bring your website on top of results, and without any constant speed we generate quick back links to our websites, which alert the Google bots that something is sketching going under the web master hood, and your website easily moves into the consideration list. There is a very simple way to overcome this issue, make a constant speed in generating backlinks to your website. If one day you are making 10 backlinks to your website, then you should carry on the same routine to at least next full month, as it will not disturb or generate any false signal to Google bots.

Provide Knowledge & Not Scrap

If you are running a blog, then there is no problem for you to bring quality content on your website. You can easily generate content on your website, and then can get backlinks from all over the internet world within similar niche. But in generating content there is a small issue which may cause problem for you in link building, the valued content. The content that provides solutions to user’s problem or at least give them knowledge to the point with correct references.

Improve Anchor Texts

Since the launch of Google Penguin, the web masters are highly advised to take a review of their incoming links and the anchor texts used for the links. It is a really big factor in old era SEO, where webmasters used to generate couple of links backs using their single keyword, but now with the rise of advance algorithms in the Google, the old tactics are not effective, and it is strictly advised to web masters to stay away from these same anchor text link building campaigns.