What is the Best Time to Look for a Job?-An Info

Does your teen need to find a summer job? Now is the time to snag one, because if you don’t think about that summer job before summer, it will probably go to someone else – and that’s if you can find a job at all.what the best time to look for a job is

There are a few options available for teens who want to make extra money this summer. Standard jobs are a little harder to come by right now, but even so there are plenty of ways to earn money over the summer, even for teens as young as 13 years old. Here are three ways for teens to go about finding jobs outside of traditional employment that might work out for some extra cash:

Clean pools or homes. People are always in need of service-related help, especially for jobs that are personal, like cleaning people’s homes and swimming pools. These kinds of jobs aren’t always advertised, mostly they reveal themselves through word of mouth. Still, a good place to find people who need their homes cleaned is checking the community or church bulletin board, or simply asking adult friends or family members if they would consider hiring you for the summer. You might be surprised at how many people who weren’t planning on hiring a house cleaner or pool cleaner, suddenly decide to give it a shot just because you asked.

Also, even if there aren’t any regular opportunities for cleaning, there is sill the temporary “odd job” option. Many people go on vacation during the summer and need some temporary maintenance performed while they are away.

Check with community centers and summer camps. Sports camps and community activity centers always hire teens in the summer to help out with sports camps, and other children’s entertainment and activities. If you don’t know where to look, just ask around at your local community recreation center, or the YMCA.

Take a few online paid surveys. Paid surveys are always good for a little extra cash or free stuff. Teens love it and its easy. What many people don’t know is that teen survey companies let the kids have their own accounts. Plus, you can sign up and just do them when you feel like it. No commitment required.

Even in this distressing economy where part-time jobs seem to go to more “responsible” adults who need the work, it doesn’t take away from the fact that teens want or need to earn their own money. Teen surveys, helping out with summer programs, and cleaning some homes and pools are great was to earn a little extra cash over the summer.