Simple Note on Animated Infographics

As the term suggests, an infographic refers to a set of information presented visually. You may be wondering how it will help you in your goals as a professional SEO agency considering that it is an image-not a text. this article has some nice tips on this. Google and other search engine crawlers will not be able to read it. Yes, that is true. But your visitors will appreciate it. They will animatedly look into the visual presentation, read and try to understand the idea being presented (which is easy because it does not involve too many words) and, significantly, share it! This process then leads to so many things:

A change in users’ behavior

Internet users do not read; they just scan texts from your whole content. The moment they find no relevant data or do not get satisfied with what they see, they immediately leave the site. This behavior changes with infographics.

Initially, Internet users get attracted to the art itself. Instead of the usual text scanning, they find themselves looking at and analyzing the image concept. It becomes a challenge for them to understand the idea. Because they are able to find the information they need through the graphics that you published, they will stay in your site long enough to discover what your site basically offer.

A bait to build links

Visitors find the urge to share it because they find it interesting and they know their friends and other people will appreciate it as well. As the cycle of sharing begins, the infographic carries with it several inbound links that will direct information searchers to the site. But not all infographics have the power to generate links. There are several factors to consider before they become an effective tool. Here are some of them:

Let the infographics give searchers the information they need. It should contain facts, similar to your web content or post. This makes research still necessary. For instance, your business is about skin care products. Present the visual in such a way that you are still educating them on how to improve their dry skin like a normal article but this time, the tips are separated by box and others, and have fewer texts.

Make the art suitable for your audience. If your target market is professionals, try to present your graphic as realistic and sophisticated as possible. If your business is about fashion, create a very chic image.

Before starting with anything, research about the best topic for the infographic. Remember, the artwork may be at its best but if you convey an old story already, you are sure that the image will fail to build links. Make a shortlist of the ideas you want to present for each infographic. Gather your people and begin to brainstorm to come up with the best one. Discuss how the design should go as well. After completing the initial layout, gather your staff again to make the necessary final touches.

SEO is not only about keywords. It is also about link building. Infographics contributes a lot to this; hence, you should not be surprised to witness the demand for their use on websites. If you want to join the ride, you should know how to create the best ones for your site. You should consult a professional SEO agency to help you out.