Select Right Best Mid Handicap Irons

With the many different Irons on the market today how do you select the right Irons for your game?

Irons are made from two different manufacturing processes. Irons are either made from a forging process where a die is made and the metal heated, and pounded in the die to get the shape of the club. The other process is a casting process where a mold is made, and the metal is melted down and poured into the mold then the metal is cooled and the mold is broken away from the club head.If you’re looking for more tips, best mid handicap irons has it for you.

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Cavity back clubs are made using the casting process and feature perimeter weighting but now with today’s technology we are seeing clubs with a lower centre of gravity to help get the ball in the air, and thicker soles on the club to help prevent the club from digging in the ground to prevent fat or chunky shots. Today cast clubs are known as game improvement or ultra game improvement because they are more forgiving than forged clubs and should be played by mid to high handicap golfers.

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Traditionally forged clubs were known as blades, and were only used by professional golfer or really strong players as they are much harder to hit and far less forgiving than a cast club. With today’s technology and advanced manufacturing techniques club manufacturers have been able to make forged cavity back clubs that are more forgiving than the traditional blade. A forged cavity is more forgiving than a blade but not as forgiving as a game improvement club made from a casting. These forged cavity clubs are preferred by better players who are looking for some forgiveness, and still have the playability to work the ball.