Pocket Knives – An Overview

Some people will say a knife is a knife. But talk to an enthusiast, and they will tell you otherwise. Since the dawn of day, when man took to making sharp objects, knives became an integral part of human consciousness. There are all sorts of knives today, like our humble pocket knives for instance. Of course today there there are hundreds of name brand pocket knives and thousands of different styles with flashy designs. Lots of people would like to get one but sometimes don’t know where to start. The first thing you should think of is what you want the knife for? Is it for work, play, recreation, hobbies or hunting? If you’re looking for more tips, check here has it for you.

The pen knives (as the are also known), are some of the most carried knives in the world. These are very thin and small which can be carried in ones trouser or jacket pocket. Many women prefer these knives as they are dainty looking and not as heavy weight as a pistol.

You might need a knife for work and here most utility knives come in handy. Essentially it is not necessary to get one with a sheath, because it makes the knife bulky and when working constantly with it, you don’t want the inconvenience of having to clasp and unclasp it each time. You will find the popular makes also have folding razor blades which lock for safety purposes.

For someone not too worried about what type they want to get, army knives (also known as an all purpose knife), are super practical and fun to own. They are also durable and most have additional attachments besides a blade with things like screw driver, bottle opener and nail files.

Hunting knives and survival knives are categorized under the same functionality. Most of these will have a sheath for your protection. They are worn on waist belts so you don’t have to worry about carrying it around while you hunt.

Survival knives as of late have become increasingly popular. Besides that, when camping, you can use survival knives for a variety of uses. Who doesn’t like carving an animal around the fire, cutting rope and opening things. Carrying a knife around is your responsibility and must be taken seriously. If a child gets hold of it and accidentally hurts himself, then you will held liable for medical bills, which can run into the thousands if damage to an eye is done.