Perfect Corporate Accommodation Shepparton

For the smart business traveler, serviced apartments have just replaced hotels as the perfect choice of corporate accommodation shepparton . They are not just economically more practical; they are also more flexible and give the feeling of “home away from home”.

Serviced apartments are furnished with everything that the guests would need to feel right at home. A kitchen is present, fully equipped with appliances and other necessary tools. Many guests prefer to prepare their own food in the peace of their own apartment kitchen because this does not only give them the opportunity to consume meals in perfect harmony with their own tastes, but is also less expensive and more practical.

Correspondingly, there are numerous serviced apartments around the globe that provide washers, dryers, and hand irons and ironing boards. Although these devices are present, house maid services are also available, should the guests need any assistance.

Rested sleep is of paramount importance. So let’s talk bedrooms. Bedrooms in serviced apartments are at par with luxury hotel rooms in terms of style and comfort. Serviced apartments leave no stone unturned to make your bedroom feel welcoming and luxurious, yet cozy and warm. In terms of feel, serviced apartment bedrooms can surpass hotel rooms because they are designed to be a home away from home for the guest, and deliver a warm feeling as opposed to hotel rooms which are more clinical in design.

Serviced apartments are generally up to three times bigger than most hotel rooms, meaning there is enough space for work and rest, even with other colleagues accompanying. Surely, there is more than enough room for everything guests need or want to do while staying, whether it’s sleeping, dining, relaxing, or finishing some work. There are also numerous companies who offer selections of apartments with at least two bedrooms, allowing privacy but ensuring that the traveler does not feel lonely and isolated. In some instances, like the Lalco Residency in Mumbai (, apartments with up to six bedrooms are available, perfect for huge groups or companies with many representatives and their families.

The entertainment lounge found at a serviced apartment is comfortable and enjoyable, with television sets and unlimited WiFi Connection. Numerous apartments boast several amenities to help guests – including those on corporate or business trips – to unwind and relax, even just for short spans of time. Lalco Residency offers several amenities like an impressive gym and health club, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and many more. Parking areas and concierge services that are exclusive to apartment lodgers are also available.

Compared to their hotel counterparts, serviced apartments charge significantly less but feel just the same, if not even a lot better. The cost-effectiveness of serviced apartments attracts corporate clients and is one of the reasons why the market for this type of accommodation is growing steadily. Not only is the rental price for these apartments lower on average than a corporate rate for a hotel, but the incidental business costs are substantially lower too.

Entertaining business clients in a serviced apartment, instead of a hotel restaurant, can also amount to savings for the company, as well as perhaps providing a more informal atmosphere for discussions.

These abodes are styled and completed with the highest standards in mind, perfect for business and corporate travelers who deserve a comfortable place after a long day of hard work.