Laser Hair Removal Alternatives

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective solutions to excess body hair ever invented. The term “laser” was coined years ago by a scientist as a short way to refer to light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Since the words “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” were a bit of a mouthful to say or even remember, the technique began to be referred to by its initials and eventually morphed into this acronym. This scientific method has been used for a variety of functions including military gear, cancer treatment and as a surgically cutting tool. It is now routinely used as a highly effective way to stop hair more

Both men and women suffer from problems with excess furriness on various regions of their body. This problem may be minor or severe. Some of the more severe cases are labeled as hirsutism, which is a medical condition affecting women. Women don’t traditionally have lots of body hair and what they do have they often want to get rid of. A thick mane on top of their heads is the most popular places on the body for flowing locks. Some females, however, due to an overage of male hormones or a genetic predisposition, have developed hirsutism which causes unnatural growth to occur in regions such as mustache, beard, back and mid-section. Even without this medical malady, many females have arms, legs, pubic regions and facial areas that could use a bit of zapping in order to stall regrowth. Men are expected to have beards, mustaches and furry legs and arms but often choose to strip away regions such as backs or excessively bushy eyebrows or chests.

There are also alternatives to using the laser to create smooth skin surfaces. Here are some options:

-Shaving: Shaving many regions will work just fine if a person doesn’t mind regrowth and stubble. The regrowth tends to be coarser and even more noticeable, so is best performed on women’s legs and men’s face. This will need to be a daily part of one’s grooming ritual in order to keep regions silky.

-Bleaching: If dark hair is a problem on a woman’s face or arms, bleaching may lighten it to such a degree that it is hardly even noticeable. It will still be soft rather than stubble-like so is often preferred to shaving.

-Waxing: Although not as long lasting as laser hair removal, many people have had satisfactory results with waxing. It has long been a method of choice for those seeking the bare look in the bikini region. It can be painful, but the results last longer than shaving.

-Plucking or tweezing: These methods will be great for a stray hair or two. But if the problem is widespread, such as legs or back, it will be a lengthy, painful and cumbersome process. It will grow back fairly quickly, too, so will need to be repeated often.

-Hormonal Therapy: If a woman has hirsutism, she may benefit from a hormone therapy treatment program prescribed by her physician. If out-of-whack hormones are what caused a female mustache and beard to grow, balancing hormones can cause cessation of the undesirable growth.