Know About Oral Surgery In El Dorado Hills

This dental specialty is also called as oral and maxillofacial surgery as this specialty of dentistry is focused on diagnosing and treating all those diseases, possible injuries as well as any kind of defects which may affect the functioning or appearance of one’s face, mouth, jaws and teeth which together form maxillofacial area.

-Conditions Treated Under Oral Surgery

Under no normal condition you will find oral surgeons working alone. They always work along and in collaboration with others such as dentists (general), orthodontists, paediatric dentists and even with medical physicians. As their work also involves facial surgeries which could be a part of plastic surgeon, it could be said that they also work with them when some surgeries are performed to correct some defects which might be affecting the face’s look and appearance.

-Treatment of affected teeth

An oral surgeon is to deal, not only with the treatment of tooth, but also of the removal of tooth if required. Normally before plucking the tooth off, general anaesthesia is injected on the patient. Well that is not the end-point of his service as he has to place a new set of teeth replacing the ones which removed. Have a look at Oral Surgery in El Dorado Hills, California for more info on this.

-Placing dental implants

Placing dental implants is another major function of oral surgeon. Though dental implants are not the right solution for all the dental problems, they remain the only solution for a number of dental related issues. Thus dental surgeons do have a role in making you have a great and fresh smile on your face. It is they who plan and place fresh dental implants in your mouth. Normally, they do accept the help of cosmetic dentist for performing this task.

Other than dental implant placement, oral surgeons also modify gum tissues of the surrounding area where implants are placed (only if required). This is for making you more attractive.

Dental implant surgeries, implant dentistry, usually can be performed at the office of a dentist and not in a big operation theatre. Before placing the implants, patients are given local anaesthesia. Implant dentistry, is usually a three step process.

-Periodontal surgery

Periodontal surgery involves that surgery which is done for recovering or regenerating the already-lost normal form and function of those parts which supported the teeth. They include periodontal ligament, gum tissues and bone. Through periodontal surgery oral surgeons make your teeth stronger and healthier by strengthening their base.