Important labor related laws – Basics

In every nation there is the specified minimum and maximum hour for work. Whenever a person worked more than the maximum amount of time specified he is eligible for a monetary compensation. Whenever, we are talking about overtime basically what we are dealing with is labor law. Labor law is dealt at both federal and state level.

Overtime related rules are the look out of the state government. As a result overtime related rules and regulations vary from state to state. In Florida the minimum wage payment is about $6 per hour. The wage rate is higher compared to the national average. Every year in this state the minimum wage rate is revised and reviewed. Kindly visit read more to find more information.

Overtime payment here is one and a half time more than regular pay rate. The precondition is the employee should have worked for more than 40 hours in a given week. A local lawyer will come in handy if you have been discriminated in terms of payment related issues. A Fort Lauderdale employee will consult a local Fort Lauderdale overtime lawyer.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has a standard set of guide for calculating overtime payment. As per FLSA standards minimum wage payment along with overtime is set to a minimum of $7.25. In Florida a violation in minimum wage requirement law will result in a fine of $1000 for the employer.

As per regulations employees are sub-categorized into exempt and non-exempt employees. Non-exempt employees are people who have whose companies or business entities falls under Fair Labor Standards Act. The aforesaid government authority (Fair Labor Standards Act) doesn’t control in any manner the beginning and ending of the workweek.

Exempt employees as the very word ‘exempt’ suggests talks about employees who aren’t liable for overtime. This is the type of categorization which is based on the place of work and the job profile.

National Labor Relations Board is the place where you are supposed to lodge your complaint for overtime payment related to issues. You can approach a local office of this department. Complaining about any type of violation is quite easy. You can either email, fax or complaining using online forms, etc.

There is a particular procedure to submit the complaint. If the government authority is unable to solve your problem, contact an overtime lawyer. A Fort Lauderdale overtime lawyer will take care of your issues related to overtime and other labor problems.